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Minnesota Vikings Place Restricted Tenders On Potential Free Agents

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While we don't know whether or not there's going to be a Collective Bargaining Agreement any time soon, or what that CBA will contain, the Minnesota Vikings have placed restricted free agent tenders on some of their players with five years of experience or less.

The highest tenders went to wide receiver Sidney Rice and defensive end Ray Edwards, who were both tendered at the first-round level, as opposed to a first and a third, which is what I had anticipated them being at. They also placed second-round tenders on defensive end Brian Robison, safety Husain Abdullah, and offensive tackle Ryan Cook.

The Vikings also tendered linebacker Erin Henderson and safety Eric Frampton at the "right of first refusal" level, according to Tom Pelissero.

Edwards and Cook are five year players that will likely be unrestricted when the new CBA is signed. Rice, Robison, and Frampton are four-year players that may or may not be restricted. Abdullah and Henderson are three-year players that are likely going to end up being restricted regardless.

The Vikings also have four other five-year players that may or may not receive tender offers. They are quarterback Tarvaris Jackson (not bloody likely), wide receiver Hank Baskett (see Tarvaris Jackson), defensive tackle Fred Evans (who could possibly receive an offer), and fullback Naufahu Tahi (which would surprise me).

Like I said, these offers may or may not mean anything, but it's good to know that the Vikings are at least making an effort to keep some of these folks around.