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Pat Williams Confirms He's Not Coming Back To Minnesota

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That's the word from Tim Yotter at Viking Update, in any case. Apparently Phat Pat sent them a text message about his future plans.

"Everything’s good. I am not coming back. Going to go finish elsewhere," the three-time Pro Bowler said in a text message to Viking Update.

Even though it is a bit of a shame, I think we all saw this coming. Pat has been a warrior and a great leader since coming to Minnesota from Buffalo before the 2006 season, but his play clearly dropped off last season, and he battled an array of injuries. He's been named to three Pro Bowls since becoming a member of the Vikings, and has been one of the league's dominant run stuffers for his entire career. The less informed will remember him primarily for the NFL dragging his name through the mud in the StarCaps mess, but we Viking fans. . .as usual. . .know better.

Hopefully Phat Pat will find a team to fit in with once there's a new CBA in place. The guy deserves to go out on top.