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Electronic Arts Having Tournament To Determine Madden '12 Cover

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The folks at Electronic Arts are letting the fans decide which NFL player will grace the cover of the upcoming Madden '12, and they're making it happen via a tournament they're doing through ESPN's Sports Nation.

The people from EA have selected one player from each team, and have set them up in an NCAA Tournament-style bracket where people can vote for their favorite player.

In the first round, all of the match-ups are divisional match-ups. The Vikings' representative, Adrian Peterson, is matched up with Julius Peppers of the Chicago Bears. The winner of that match-up would take on the winner of an AFC West match-up between Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers and Darren McFadden of the Oakland Raiders.

Not quite sure what to make of this, to be honest. . .on one hand, seeing the best running back in the National Football League on the cover of Madden would be cool. On the other hand, there's that whole "Madden Curse" thing, if you believe in that sort of stuff.

In any event, feel free to jump on over there and vote for AP. . .or vote against him, if you wish.