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NFL Makes Kickoff Rule Changes Official; Replay Affected As Well

We talked at length the other day about the rule changes that the owners were discussing about moving the kickoffs up to the 35-yard line in an effort to encourage more touchbacks and have fewer injuries on kick returns. Well, according to reports, the rule has already been voted on, and it passed.

So, the next time we have NFL football, teams will be kicking off from the 35. The portion of the rule that would have moved the ball to the 25 after a touchback apparently did not make it through, so touchbacks would still result in the receiving team starting their drive at their own 20, as has always been the case.

The NFL also passed the rule that will mandate that all scoring plays will be reviewed, regardless of circumstances, by the booth and not via the red challenge flag. So, once again, a rule change comes into effect a year after it would have been beneficial to the Vikings. Oh, well, we're used to that by now, I guess.

Another rule that was passed mandates that all football playing surfaces must be "some shade of green." So, if you were holding out hope that the Vikings could follow in the footsteps of Boise State University and Eastern Washington University and install a purple field at their upcoming new stadium. . .well, sorry about that.

We don't know for sure when the next time we see NFL football will be, but when we do see it, it will have a bit of a different look and feel to it.

EDIT: Judd Zulgad reports via the Twitter that the Vikings were one of 26 teams that voted in favor of the rule to move kickoffs up to the 35-yard line.