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Contrary To Popular Belief, Jared Allen Is Still A Good Pass Rusher

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And it isn't just Vikings fans that think so.

The eight guys that make up ESPN's main blog conglomerate have voted on who they feel the NFL's best pass-rusher is, and the guy that we hope like hell is growing the mullet back this off-season finished in fourth place on the list.

DeMarcus Ware of the Dallas Cowboys was a near-unanimous selection as the NFL's top pass rusher, with seven of the eight ESPN representatives voting him number one overall in this category. Allen received two second-place votes, two fourth-place votes, one fifth-place vote, two sixth-place votes, and a seventh-place vote.

Allen allegedly had a "down year" in 2010, because he only registered 11 sacks. . .which, I suppose, would qualify as a "down year" for Jared Allen, a guy that had averaged 14.5 sacks in the two seasons before that and has more sacks since 2005 than every NFL player not named DeMarcus Ware.

For all the bluster we heard this year about another NFC North pass rusher, Chicago's Julius Peppers, two of ESPN's eight voters managed to leave him out of their top tens entirely.