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Vikings Casserole

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There's just not a lot to talk about, but we do have two stories that are percolating like an old coffee pot, so we'll throw them together, call it a Vikings casserole, and we'll bring it to the Lutheran Pot Luck at St. John's on Friday.  Everyone is welcome, and we'll have a local polka band for your entertaining pleasure.

But remember, we're Lutherans, Missouri Synod Lutherans at that, so there will be no clapping, dancing, or acknowledgement that we might be having fun, as that could get us a one way ticket to Hell.

Our first story involves Madieu Williams, and after I read it I only had one question for coach Frazier:


No, that's not a misprint.  It's a combination of delerious and seriously.  Remember, pot luck casserole theme.  Fast moving train kids, fast moving train.

The gist of the story is that Frazier still has full faith and confidence in Madieu Williams, and thinks that he's an asset to the secondary in terms of getting guys lined up and understanding the system.

A system which apparently for Williams means taking horrid angles and getting beat deep.  That system?  Yeah, he's money in that system.  But in a system where he's required to make interceptions, and you know, break up passes and tackle people, well...hey did you know Madieu Williams won the Walter Payton award?

The other one is that the Metrodome roof is going to start undergoing repairs beginning today.  You know, in the long run, it's a good idea to do so, as much of the nostalgic part of me would like to see them play outside at TCF Bank Stadium.  The only way that actually should happen is if the Vikings get approval for a new stadium at the current Metrodome site, but if one gets approved at either the Arden Hills or another suburban site, the Vikings need to finish out in the Metrodome. 

It's been their home for nearly 30 years, and for many fans it's the only home they've known as Vikings fans, so it needs to be sent off in proper fashion when the time comes.

Then blow it up.

Have a nice weekend kids, and everybody POLKA!!!