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It's Mailbag Time!

It's time to answer your solid football questions.  And your dumb ones.  Wait, there were no dumb ones, because you guys and gals are the smartest football minds on the Intertubes.  Oh, we're modifying the mailbag.  There's plenty of questions leading up to the draft and what we should or shouldn't do, but once that's over and we enter the Labor Strife Wasteland, which is very similar to a Teenage Wasteland, only with no music, beer, or helicopters, we're going to be hard pressed to talk about stuff.  So write me a question on just about anything, football related or not.

Just remember, if you submit a smart ass question, you'll get a smart ass answer, and it might be published.

Our first question today comes Luft Krigare, which translates to Air Warrior, which translates to badass.  Anyway, Luft asks:

Ted, is this all the more reason that DeMaurice Smith is a dirtbag?  (He linked to a story about how disrespectful Smith and his reps allegedly were towards some NFL Alumni reps during a meeting on Friday).

Luft, I think DeMaurice Smith isn't necessarily a dirtbag, but I do think he's always had an axe to grind. Regardless of what actually transpired in that meeting, my personal opinion is that De Smith has been itching to file an antitrust lawsuit against the NFL the second he was named the head of the now defunct NFLPA, and never had any intention of looking for a fair deal during these labor talks.  Smith's endgame is a complete remake of the NFL labor landscape, and he's well on his way.  I think if Smith has his way, the end result will be an NFL very few of us recognize, and it won't be for the better.  Now, the owners aren't without a lot of blame here, either, but Smith has been looking for a fight, and he got it.

If I could do my best Drew Rosenhaus, next question:

This offseason, Leslie Frazier should have enjoyed the benefit of an extra offseason workout thanks to being a first year Head Coach. Obviously, that won't be happening as no OTAs are going on during the lockout. What do you think the impact of the CBA will be on this? I understand the league is willing to reduce offseason workouts as it is. Will Frazier perhaps get an extra workout next offseason to make up for this one? Or will the fact that he's got a year under his belt make that moot, so sorry Frazier? And of course, with offseason programs likely decreasing under the new CBA, do you think the extra workout for rookie HCs rule will remain regardless? 

--Kyle, Florida

Okay, there's like 604 questions here, but that's okay.  I like your style, Kyle from Florida.  You know, if you keep it up, you might make it to the front page of DN someday.  Wait...

Anyways, I think it hurts.  The defense won't be impacted a whole lot, since Frazier was the defensive coordinator, but Kevin Cosgrove needs that extra OTA to install his offense for the veterans.  That's not going to happen now, and when they finally get back to playing football, they'll have more work to do than most teams, and only the same amount of time as everyone else.  As to an extra workout next season, I doubt it.  The team will have a year inthe system by that point, so I don't see it happening, so sorry Frazier, like you said.  I do think the extra workout will remain once the labor deal is settled; it's a nice equalizer for new coaches to help get them where they need to be.

Next question.


Q:  What is a slavionaire?

A:  A slave who earns a million dollars or more a year.

I would very much like to be a slavionaire...and if I wish to do something else, I'll just move on!

Steve W

Steve, I didn't like AP's statements, like most folks.  I love AP, and think overall he's a great role model for young kids, and a fantastic ambassador for the Vikings.  But Steve, I must chide you here, as this is maibag questions,not mailbag questions where you supply the answers.

But well played, Mauer.  Well played.

Next question:


I am a Viking fan for over 25 years(sob), but last year topped them all........I have written a classified  posting for you below, no explanation needed.

For Sale:

"Quarterback" with five years of NFL experience, has strong leg and arm strength, with a tendency to throw to opposing defenders in the clutch.  Questionable ability to read defenses, and will resort to running with the ball if pressured leading to frequent injuries.  Has been coddled must of his professional career by former coach with stubborn narcissistic personality traits.  Beware of past tutelage by former, future NFL Hall of Famer who also has tendencies to throw to opposing defenders in the clutch.  Will accept for trade: any serviceable offensive or defensive linemen, safeties that actually defend against throws, wide receivers that actually catch the ball, or another quarterback of equal or higher future trade value.

Vikingman1115, New Jersey

Heh.  With Tarvaris Jackson being a free agent, the Vikings will part ways with him and won't get anything for him.  No, he didn't work out here, but I hope he has a good NFL career.  It's just obvious that it wasn't going to be here.


Adrian, what were you thinking?  WERE you thinking?

Obrienschofieldismyhero, Parts unknown

Yeah, I think he knew what he was saying.  It caused quite the dustup, or a kerfuffle, as my grandma would say, but it brought attention to what he was saying.  I don't know that in the ongoing PR war between the players and the owners that it was a net plus, but at this point, I think they're both about as popular as March snowstorms.

But neither the owners or players are winning this PR war; as a matter of fact I think whenever they try and throw hand grenades to make the other side look bad, they blow themselves up.  And the amazing thing is that they're both tone deaf about what they're doing.

We've got time for one more question.

Son Ted,

Do you see the Vikings trading up, trading down, or staying put in the draft?  Don't be a smart ass either, because I'm still strong enough to stomp you into the earth.  Your mom brought you in this world, but I can still remove you from it.

Dad--I mean Don, Suburban St. Louis

Well, thanks for the great email, person who isn't my Dad but has the same first name and lives in the same city that he does.  What an odd, odd coincidence.

There's been a lot of talk coming from Coach Frazier and Rick Spielman about who the Vikings are looking at and how sure they are on who 'their' guy is.  That's all well and good, and the condor is refreshing when compared to the Dick Cheney-like personality from Brad Childress, but I think half of what we hear coming from the team this time of year is a half truth, at best.

I really think the Vikings are going to look to trade down and try and recoup that third round pick they lost in the Moss trade.  Yes, they got two compensatory picks for Chester Taylor and Artis Hicks (Really?  Sweet!) but those are late round picks, and impact players are very difficult to find in the back of the draft.  However, those picks would be ideal in trying to come up with a package to get into the third round, so we'll see.  Personally, I think it's better to have five early round picks than nine picks where most are in the back half of the draft.

Well, boys and girls, that's about all for the mailbag this week.  Remember, send me your email questions at, and we'll keep this going as long as you keep sending me questions.