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Our NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool Has Already Been Decided

If you'll recall, a couple of weeks back I asked for entries for our 2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament pool, and 29 of you good folks joined me in that endeavor.

With the field having been narrowed down to the Final Four, of those 30 entries, 29 of them. . .myself included. . .are no longer eligible to earn any more points. The one guy that is eligible to get any more points at this juncture is already at the top of the pool, and thus can not be knocked off of the top of the mountain.

So, a much earlier than anticipated congratulations has to go to Jon Nelson and his winning bracket, cleverly named "Insert Clever Name Here," is on the top of the heap, having earned 72 of a possible 128 points. He can earn 16 more points if the Connecticut Huskies should beat the Kentucky Wildcats on Saturday and advance to the National Championship game, as he had UConn falling in the National Championship game to the Kansas Jayhawks.

Yours truly and "PurpleJesus" each wound up with 67 points, and each of us had UConn in the Final Four as well.  However, both of us had UConn losing in their first Final Four game, so neither of us are eligible for any more points. PurpleJesus' title pick was the Duke Blue Devils, while I went with the Ohio State Buckeyes.

But, we shouldn't feel too bad, I guess. . .according to ESPN, out of the 5.9 million brackets that were submitted to their tournament challenge, the number of people that had all four Final Four teams correct is exactly. . .two. Not two thousand, not even two hundred. . .two, as in one more than one.

And I'm pretty convinced those two people cheated somehow. (Okay, not really.)

Nice job, Jon Nelson, for coming out on top of the pool for the craziest NCAA Basketball Tournament in recent memory.