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Adrian Peterson Advances To Second Round Of Madden '12 Cover Voting

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Last week we mentioned the tournament that EA Sports was having to determine who the cover athlete for this year's Madden '12 would be, and that tournament has moved on to the second round.

Adrian Peterson, the best running back in the National Football League, defeated Julius Peppers in the opening round by a margin of 57-43, and now faces San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers in the second round. The winner of the match-up between Rivers and Peterson will take on the winner of a match-up between Saints' quarterback Drew Brees and Jets' quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Again, I won't tell you to vote for or against the best running back in the National Football League or anything. . .it all depends on how strongly you feel about the "Madden curse," I suppose. . .but whichever way you want to cast your vote, you can go to this site right here and cast it.