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Scratch One Potential Quarterback Option For The Minnesota Vikings

The lockout is in full swing, and lord knows that players are looking for whatever means they can to stay in shape. Call me crazy, if you'd like, but maybe playing pick-up basketball games at the local gym is something they should avoid.

And if you don't want to take my word for it, that's no problem. . .you can just ask Chad Pennington.

Pennington's career was thought to be over after his fourth shoulder surgery last year but he later said he would attempt a comeback in 2011. The Dolphins quarterback, who is not under contract for 2011, suffered an injury during a pickup basketball game that will require ACL surgery, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen.

Pennington, whose shoulder has been reconstructed more times than Joan Rivers' face, is one of those veteran quarterbacks that could, potentially, have been an attractive option for the Vikings as a "bridge" quarterback if they drafted a youngster to develop, or if they simply chose to develop Joe Webb. He would have the ability to step in and be effective without needing a lot of reps in a new offense because of his veteran status.

As the article states, Pennington isn't currently under contract, so his ability to get medical help through one of the teams isn't hampered by the lockout. Of course, if he was under contract, his team wouldn't pay for his medical care anyway.

So, yeah. . .stop playing pick-up basketball already, guys. Play HORSE or something.