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Bryant McKinnie Denies Bar Tab Story

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I just wanted to do a quick blurb on this story, seeing as how McKinnie gets a lot of flack here (admittedly, a large part of which comes from me)- it's therefore only fair in the interest of journalistic integrity to make sure he 'gets his day in court', so to speak.

We've all heard by now of McKinnie's latest adventurous club exploit (thankfully, it was on land, and not during Pro Bowl practices), wherein he supposedly dropped the change of $100,000.00 on a bar tab- a few weeks before being potentially told that he wouldn't be making next year's paycheck.

Well, apparently that's just not true. According to Jeremy Fowler of St. Paul Pioneer Press,

[R]apper Rick Ross gave McKinnie what the kids call a shout-out from the stage.  Ross then said something about spending "$100,000 on bottles in the club."

"All of a sudden that became my tab somehow," McKinnie said.  "Like seriously, at the time I was laughing thinking it was in good fun until people started talking about it and took it a little too far."

 While some are doubting this version, I'm going to go ahead and give McKinnie the benefit of the doubt here for two reasons. First- spending $100,000.00 on a bar tab has got to be darn near impossible. Those fifteen bottles of champagne would have had to have cost six grand apiece- at that only totals $90,000, we're leaving some room for a ridiculous tip here. Now I'm no connoisseur, but that's some crazy ridiculous champagne, and I'm not sure how available that kind of stuff would be (as in, would a club have 15 bottles of a $6,000 drink?). And secondly, the original source of this story was TMZ- which as well all know, is renowned for their journalistic integrity and fact checking. (Where's the 'sarcasm' tag?)

Now keep in mind, McKinnie hasn't said anywhere what exactly the bar tab was. All in all, six figure tab or not, it still sounds like a crazy, pricey night, particularly for a guy who's not sure what his employment status for the next year will be. And it's not like McKinnie hasn't made himself into a lightning rod for these kind of stories based off of his past actions. But I'm still going to believe that the whole "$100,000 Bar Tab Night" can now be largely filed under 'urban legend'.