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Organizing Our 2011 Community Mock Draft

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It's getting to be that mock draft time of year again, and I'm bouncing around a couple of different formats for a potential community mock draft that we could use. I'd like to get people's feedback on this so that we can start getting things organized and get at least one round in prior to the actual draft itself.

One format that a lot of sites use is where one person is selected in some way, generally by solicitation of volunteers, and then the draft is put on a schedule. When a team comes up, the individual that has the team that's on the clock does a post, and that's about it. In this case, the post would go into the FanPosts section, and would then be moved to the main page of the site for everyone's viewing pleasure. Now, there are obvious advantages and disadvantages to this. The advantage is that the person that's doing each team can really research and focus on each particular team. The disadvantage would be that. . .well, it's just one guy. Nobody else really gets a say in the matter. I realize that not everybody wants to volunteer for such things, particularly considering that there would be the writing of a FanPost discussing your pick involved. . .and grammar and spelling wouldn't be an issue, because that could be corrected. . .but that's one possible route that could be taken.

The other way that I was considering would be to do a poll for every selection that everyone could vote on for every pick, starting with Carolina at #1 and moving all the way down. The advantage to this is that it would give everyone a chance to have a say in the pick and to debate what the best course of action for a particular team would be. There are a few disadvantages. . .polls can be skewed, we might not be able to go as fast, etc. We would also be able to get feedback from fans of other teams in the comments for that poll where they could potentially explain their team's needs.

So, I'll let everyone mull this over and discuss it for a couple of days, and see if we can't come up with a format that the majority of folks like the best.