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Greatest Football Movie Ever Tournament: College Quarterfinal Recap

The first round of match-ups in the College bracket of our Greatest Football Movie Ever Tournament are officially complete, and there were, indeed, a couple of surprises this time around.

Here's how the first round of the College bracket shook out.

Game 1 - Rudy vs. Necessary Roughness - 576 votes cast

Necessary Roughness - 338 votes (58.7%)
Rudy - 238 votes (41.3%)

Game 2 - Knute Rockne, All-American vs. The Program - 187 votes cast

The Program - 114 votes (61%)
Knute Rockne, All-American - 73 votes (39%)

Game 3 - We Are Marshall vs. The Junction Boys - 278 votes cast

We Are Marshall - 227 votes (81.7%)
The Junction Boys - 51 votes (18.3%)

Game 4 - The Express vs. The Waterboy - 283 votes cast

The Waterboy - 196 votes (69.3%)
The Express - 87 votes (30.7%)

So, our college semi-final match-ups will see The Program taking on Necessary Roughness, and We Are Marshall taking on The Waterboy.

But, those match-ups will have to wait, as tomorrow we'll be kicking off our "Other" bracket, which will contain movies based on high school football, among other things.