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Do You Like Sports? Do You Like Beer?

Do you like sports. . .AND beer?

Then boy howdy, SB Nation has got a new site you're going to want to check out.

Sports Bar Nation is the new "bar, tailgate, and brewery" blog of SB Nation. Tom Mexico and Ron Brasil. . .nice. . .are going to be traveling around the country to various sports bars, tailgates, and whatever else attempting to find the best of the best across this great sports nation of ours. They're out to have a little fun as well, as they've already queried readers about which three beers they would want with them on a desert island.

So, if you're into sports, beer, bars, tailgating, beer wenches, or whatever else you associate with going out and having a party at your local establishment of higher drinking, be sure to check them out. I'm sure they'll be getting to Minneapolis/St. Paul at some point, and everyone will definitely be getting a heads-up when that happens.