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....Well, Vikings Decide To Turn To Familiar Source For ‘Stop Gap Vet’ At QB.

Edit: Yes, this was an April Fool's Day joke. Sorry, I tried my best to think of something more clever, but sadly I couldn't. Skol Girl did have the awesome alternative idea of Adrian Peterson retiring for a job in competitive rose cultivation, but I just couldn't get it out right.

Double Edit: For those of you who didn't get this is was a joke, just a few quick things to say. 1.) When the computer screen says "Press Any Key To Continue", please stop looking for the 'any key'. Just hit enter. 2.) Don't fry bacon naked. 3.) Socks first, shoes second.

Triple Edit: No, Brett Favre is not coming back. Yes, he is retired and will stay that way. It is best for the Minnesota Vikings, and quite frankly, it is best for Brett Favre. The man's a grandfather and doesn't need to have his brain turned to mush. And after the brutality that his rep faced in '10, the only cure at this point is time... away from the field. Soon enough people will forget about the bajillion interceptions, being taken out by a nobody LB, and the whole Jen Sterger thing. They will just remember an incredible career that included two Super Bowl apperances and one win, and an ironman streak not likely to be topped in this generation. And hopefully, after remembering the headache he was for us for pretty much my entire life, everyone will also remember the final ultimate b*tch slap to the Packers that was '09.

So you all remember how in my last story regarding the gentleman suing the NFL, I mentioned how I like my titles to be descriptive of the story. Unfortunately, I felt that this title probably is descriptive enough for us Viking fans.

And I also understand that any story written on April 1st is immediately going to be scrutinized and debunked immediately as a hoax. I only wish at this time that were true. (It is true.) Thoughts on this after the jump.

Ohhhhhhh crap. Hey, at least I used THIS picture. I've heard there are worse...

Yes- despite all his insistences to the contrary over the past few months, it appears that Leslie Frazier has decided to secure the quarterback spot for one more year by turning to a familiar source. Apparently, he feels that regardless of where we get our QBOTF, be it through the draft or FA (or even the current roster, for you Webb supporters), we'll still need that stop-gap veteran for one more season, presumably to allow the new guy to develop.

And I suppose this makes sense in a certain regard. With the off-season training camps and possibly even the preseason (well, possibly even the season season, sadly) threatened by the current state of affairs what with the CBA and all, we won't have time to get any stop-gap vet up to speed with our offense. And the old man does at least have two seasons experience with the offense. Not to mention, we won't have to worry about him showing up late per his usual modus operandi- you can't be late for workouts that aren't happening.

Of course, the gray fox hasn't been confirmed as having accepted. I still throw my hate into the ring of those believing that his retirement is real this time around. I have a hard time swallowing that he's going to be willing to get his arse kicked for a whole ‘nother season... again. He still has to be feeling some of those later-season hits he took. And the mental hits he took, as well.

That said- heck, maybe he can't stand being at home right now, and maybe he really will jump at one final opportunity, if it means he can stay away from the angry wifey for a bit longer. (Not sure I'd blame him, actually.)

Well... I guess we'll see. Let the non-stop speculation begin! Heck, at least it'll give us something else to write about now aside from depressing and boring CBA stuff, since that'll be about all we'll have post-draft. At this point, I welcome the distraction.

Source for report here.