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Community Mock Draft Will Resume Tomorrow

Apologies for the bump in the road here, ladies and gentlemen, but with all of us being relatively busy today, it seems we forgot to move on in the 2011 Daily Norseman Community Mock Draft. So, we'll pick things up again tomorrow with the Jacksonville Jaguars and their pick at number sixteen.

To review, here's how the draft has gone thus far.

Carolina Panthers - Cam Newton, quarterback, Auburn
Denver Broncos - Patrick Peterson, cornerback, LSU
Buffalo Bills - Marcell Dareus, defensive tackle, Alabama
Cincinnati Bengals - Blaine Gabbert, quarterback, Missouri
Arizona Cardinals - Von Miller, linebacker, Texas A&M
Cleveland Browns - A.J. Green, wide receiver, Georgia
San Francisco 49ers - Prince Amukamara, cornerback, Nebraska
Tennessee Titans - Nick Fairley, defensive tackle, Auburn
Dallas Cowboys - Tyron Smith, offensive tackle, USC
Washington Redskins - Julio Jones, wide receiver, Alabama
Houston Texans - Da'Quan Bowers, defensive end, Clemson
Minnesota Vikings - Jake Locker, quarterback, Washington
Detroit Lions - Robert Quinn, defensive end, North Carolina
St. Louis Rams - Cameron Jordan, defensive end, California
Miami Dolphins - Mark Ingram, running back, Alabama

Dang. . .three members of the Alabama Crimson Tide gone in the first fifteen picks. That's pretty impressive. Don't think we'll see any more members of the Crimson Tide for a while, though.

So, apologies again for the hiccup, and we'll get back in the swing of things again tomorrow.