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Stadium Bill Means That Minnesota Would Always Have The Vikings

Morons that have been making "Los Angeles Vikings" jokes for the past five or six years hardest hit.

The plan has one other notable caveat: A new stadium authority would have access to the team's audited financial records -- NFL teams have long been seen as being worth hundreds of millions of dollars -- but would agree not to disclose them to the public.

Under the plan, the Vikings would never really be able to leave Minnesota. Should the team leave after a stadium deal is signed, the plan would require the NFL to transfer the team's name, logo, colors, history, playing records and trophies to the state.

References to the "Los Angeles Vikings" have always been stupid, which doesn't come as a terrible shock when you look at most of the people who think that "Los Angeles Vikings" or "(insert city here) Vikings" jokes are funny. They're generally the same people that thought the collapse of the Metrodome roof was something hilarious or that Viking fans deserve to lose their football team because they sold out a playoff game against the Eagles three years ago. (Yeah, that last one doesn't make any sense to anyone with a couple of firing synapses, but hey. . .I'm not dumb enough to think that fans potentially losing their favorite football team is funny or appropriate, either, so I guess I'm just not meant to understand.)

But, once this stadium legislation gets through, nobody will ever have to hear the words "Los Angeles Vikings" again, and some of football's least intelligent fans will simply have one less crutch to lean on. What a wonderful day that will be.