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Report Says Mallett "Enjoyed Visit With Vikings"

Per a report from NFPost (and written by a Bears beat writer... be warned!), it seems Ryan Mallett got some good ju-ju vibes from his recent meeting with the Minnesota Vikings. Now keep in mind, this is coming from Mallett, not anyone in the Vikings FO. He made reference to being voted twice in as a team captain at Arkansas (something that has been brought up and disputed here a few times in posts regarding Mallett) as well as his belief that he can overcome the rampant character concerns by face-to-face meetings.

The report also does not say who he met with in Winter Park, although I'm guessing Frazier and Spielman were at least involved, if not also new OC Bill Musgrave and new QB coach Craig Johnson.

Now, most here who have read my comments regarding Mallett know I'm not a big fan, and therefore don't take the following comments as me stumping for him. If, however, the character concerns are allayed, and in particular the drug abuse rumors proved to be false (at least, in particular, the cocaine allegations), then Mallett would be the best QB in this draft, IMO. While he may not be mobile, I still also point to Tom Brady, Brett Favre, and Peyton Manning as examples of ‘so what?'. However, while he does have one heckuva arm, there's the whole ‘folding under pressure' problem, and I'm not sure that's one you're going to be able to accurately assess in a single face-to-face meeting; really, you're probably not going to figure it out in ten face-to-face meetings. So there is still that.

But, again, if perhaps the Vikes FO has taken a good hard look and determined that the whole ‘character concern' issue is a non-point, he may be our guy. But let's keep one very big thing in mind here: as I originally mentioned, these are comments from Mallett, not Fraizer, Spielman, Musgrave, Wilf, Johnson... or anyone else who is in charge. And for a guy who supposedly has an ego to rival Cam Newton's, that could make a ton of difference.