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Minnesota Vikings Announce 2011 Pre-Season Schedule

EDIT: Yes, Eric and I posted our stories at pretty much the same time. So, I have taken the two stories and combined them in a manner not unlike Captain Planet. I will say that Eric DID beat me to the story over at SB Nation Minnesota, so he's got that going for him. . .which is nice. - Chris

The Vikings have announced their pre-season schedule for the 2011 season. . .you know, provided that it happens. . .and it contains exactly zero teams that the Vikings will play in the 2011 regular season. . .you know, provided that it happens.

Dates and times have not been finalized for any of these games, but as soon as they are, we will have them here for you.

The Vikings will kick off the pre-season with a trip to Tennessee to take on the Titans in Week One, and then fly out to the West Coast to take on the Seattle Seahawks at Qwest Field in Week Two.

The final two games of the pre-season will, in theory, take place at the Metrodome. . .where, to paraphrase one Dr. Gregory House, we will be RISKING A PLAYER'S LIFE. Or something, I don't know. Our pre-season opponent for week three will be the Dallas Cowboys, and the Vikings will finish up the 2011 pre-season with a glorified college spring game against the Houston Texans. . .because, hey, that's usually what the fourth pre-season game of the year amounts to.

The exact times of each game have not been decided yet, but according to Chip Scoggins the dates will be August 13, August 20, August 27, and September 1. Those usually can change up until a few days or weeks before the games begin.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. . .the Minnesota Vikings' pre-season schedule for the 2011 NFL season! Feel free to discuss below.