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Ray Edwards Is Ready To Step Into The Ring

As many of you have heard, Ray Edwards' plan for the lockout was to take his cross training sport- boxing- up competitively to provide during the time without paychecks. He's ready now to follow through with that plan, having signed a contract yesterday for a fight on May 20th in the Grand Casino Hinckley. The fight will be a four round bout, and the opponent has yet to be selected.

Some have mocked Edwards' hope for success in the ring, including, according to some reports during the season, even some of his own teammates (although, per my understanding, the ‘mocking' from their end was all in fun). However, Tommy Zbikowski, a safety for the Baltimore Ravens, has also turned to boxing during the lockout, and has won his two matches to date. (There is a minor difference, however, as Zbikowski had already competed once, and won, while in college, and later also fought in an exhibition match as well. To the best of my knowledge, Edwards has no previous experience in competition.)

Edwards intends to continue with boxing should the lockout linger, having signed on for a following match in the same venue during the month of June. With both fights, Edwards is contracted to make $5,000 as well as 50% of the gate proceeds, so hopefully we won't hear about him having to turn to the high-risk loans that are beginning to plague players who are already broke.

Now granted, it's looking very much like Edwards won't be a Viking come next season. However, he is for now, and he has been for five years, so the best of luck to him in the ring, and skol!

Keep your chin tucked, guard up, work the jab, mind your footwork, and don't circle towards his strong hand. Good luck, Ray-Ray!