A Story Of Cedric Griffin And His Involvement In My Life

EDIT: Always nice to see and head about our fellow DNers getting a chance to rub elbows with the guys we cheer for on Sundays, so I'm moving PHMF's story to the main page. - Chris

Last night Cedric Griffin of our Minnesota Vikings had a fundraiser for his foundation; "Stand Up For Kids Foundation" at the Wildfire restaurant in Eden Prarie, Minnesota. Cedric personally invited me to the dinner and asked me to say a few words to the crowd.

A couple months ago, I met Cedric for the first time as he came to our school wishing to help our class raise money to go to Jamaica to help build orphanages. After that meeting, Cedric wanted to come back to watch our high school basketball team play. So when he came to the game, I got the lucky job of being his personal bodyguard at the game; just to make sure he was refreshed, and comfortable at all times. Throughout the game we discussed many things from his childhood to his ACL tears. He was just a great guy. Well, I guess I made a lasting impression on him because right after the game he phoned one of my school officials to find out more about me.

Mr. Griffin then invited me to one of his first foundation events. It was at the Way Cool Cooking School in Eden Prarie Minnesota. It was a group of kids, two school officials, and Cedric and we made Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, Caesar Salad, and Cookies. It was just a blast of a time for everyone. At the end he signed shirts and footballs for everyone and we went home.

Mr. Griffin then invited me back for another event, and told me he had a surprise for me when we got there. This event was held at an art gallery in Minneapolis Minnesota on a Friday afternoon in February. Once again there was a group of kids and we were all shown what happens when they put up an artists show. Then we went downstairs and fooled around with karaoke that they set up for us. Cedric then pulled me aside and asked me if I would be interested in him being a Mentor to me. I was floored by that, because this is one of my favorite players asking me this. I gladly said yes. The night went on with singing and laughter. (Vikings Weekly Episode can be seen here)

Well now that you have that background info I can now start the story. Cedric contacted me and asked if I was interested in attending his dinner and giving a speech. I was very happy and honored to say yes. We showed up at a little after 6 and mingled in the silent auction room with the likes of Casey Hampton and Larry Fitzgerald Sn. and other guests that had attended. We then went to sit down and listened to the mayor of Eden Prarie speak about how great Cedrics foundation is and how Govenor Mark Dayton had officially made April 15th, 2011 Stand Up For Kids Foundation Day. While we were listening to her, we were enjoying the very delicious appitizers of pizza and garden salad.

Then Mr. Griffin said a few words and we were brought our dinner of Filet Mignon and Shrimp Skewers. After we all dined on the fantastic meal and chatted, the MC called me up to the front to give my speech. I was a little nervous but I knew everything would be just fine. I gave my speech to the crowd and they loved it. After giving my speech we started the live auction and thats when things got interesting.

There were 3 main items that went very cheap. There was a bunch of jewelry that all went for less than half retail value. Then, there was a boathouse 3 day expedenture in Austin that was retailed at $5000 that went for $2,500. Finally, there was a $10,500 face value of a superbowl package for next years super bowl that went for a measely $3,700! Unbelievable.

After that it was time to leave and I stayed after to chat with Cedric and Casey about the night and the upcoming season and then I went home.

I'll leave you guys with a few pictures that I took.


Autographed picture he gave to me.


Cedric and Casey signed my bag.


After the dinner was over, we got a picture together.

{UPDATE: Youtube won't allow me to embed the videos but here they are}

Cedric singing at Karaoke Night

My Speech:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

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