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2011 NFL Draft: Chris Doleman To Announce Vikings' Second Round Pick

The National Football League has put a pretty cool twist on the second round of this year's National Football League draft.

The second-round selections have normally been announced by Gene Washington, the league's director of football operations. However, this season the league will have former players from each team announcing their team's picks.

The pick for the Vikings. . .currently the 11th pick in the second round (the 43rd pick overall). . .will be announced by none other than future NFL Hall of Famer Chris Doleman.

You can see the full list of players that will be announcing picks in this post at Pro Football Talk. Some of the more interesting one, in my opinion. . .

-The Chargers' pick being announced by former San Diego running back Natrone Means, if for no other reason than the fact that Means was awesome in Tecmo Bowl back in the day. Not "Tecmo Bo" or Christian Okoye awesome, but still pretty darn good. (So was Marion Butts, now that I think about it.)
-Barry Sanders announcing the pick for the Lions, because a) he's Barry freaking Sanders, and b) I wasn't even aware that Barry Sanders could speak.
-Marshall Faulk announcing the Rams' pick, so that we can see if the people at ESPN bother to mention where Faulk is currently employed (the other station that will be providing draft coverage that evening).

Also, the Dolphins, Jets, and Panthers don't have second-round selections, so their representatives will announce the third-round selections for those teams.