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Greatest Football Movie Ever Tournament: Bracket Finals Recap

Well, we have our finalists for the three-way battle that will determine the winner of our Greatest Football Movie Ever Tournament! We started this bad boy way back on the 7th of February, and after 21 matches, we have set our three-way dance for the championship. If you're scoring at home. . .or even if you're not currently dating anybody. . .here's how the three final matches turned out.

Professional Bracket Finals - Any Given Sunday vs The Replacements (315 votes cast)

The Replacements - 163 votes (51.7%)
Any Given Sunday - 152 votes (48.3%)

College Bracket Finals - The Waterboy vs Necessary Roughness (299 votes cast)

The Waterboy - 211 votes (70.6%)
Necessary Roughness - 88 votes (29.4%)

Other Bracket Finals - Remember The Titans vs The Longest Yard (346 votes cast)

Remember the Titans - 265 votes (76.6%)
The Longest Yard - 81 votes (23.4%)

So there you have it. . .the finals of our tournament, which will kick off tomorrow morning, will pit The Replacements against The Waterboy and Remember the Titans.

The contest will run through draft day, and we'll make sure everyone has ample opportunity to cast their vote!