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Brandon Marshall Stabbed By Wife, Expected To Fully Recover

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Miami Dolphins' wide receiver Brandon Marshall was stabbed by his wife, Michi, on Friday night. He was taken to intensive care with a stab wound in the stomach, and surgery was performed, but according to sources no vital organs were hit.

Marshall is expected to be released from the hospital today, and will be fully recovered in two to three weeks. So, from the non-football side of things, that's very good news. However, it appears that Marshall may have lied to police about being stabbed by his wife and/or the incidents that led up to the stabbing, according to Pro Football Talk, so he may be in just as much hot water as his wife.

On the football side, In this instance, we see one of the major caveats of the lockout coming into play. . .the Dolphins invested heavily in Marshall in terms of a contract and draft picks, and now they are unable to have any contact with him due to the rules surrounding the lockout. The team doctor can have contact with Marshall, but that's just about it.