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Visanthe Shiancoe Tries To Convince Donovan McNabb to Play For The Vikings

I love Visanthe Shiancoe.  First off, I never thought I'd write that sentence after his rather inauspicious beginning as a Viking.  But he transformed himself into a legitimate red zone threat in 2009, and has always been very frank in his assessment of his team, be it good or bad.

In short, the guy is a quote machine, and I love quote machines, because those stories tend to write themselves.

Over the weekend, he went out and tossed a few back with Redskins QB Donovan McNabb, and tried to convince him Minnesota was the place to be.  We can debate whether or not McNabb is a short term answer or not, but you have to love what he said about McNabb's situation in Washington, and whether or not Minnesota would be the place for him to be:

And I told him, ‘Hey, look , you know, Minnesota might be a good fit for you.’ I think that he would probably agree on that.  Who knows if he wants to stay here (Washington) anymore, right, being in those circumstances? I don’t know if he wants to or not, but I wouldn’t want to stay here. Speaking for myself, I wouldn’t want to stay in this predicament right here," Shiancoe said.

McNabb in Minnesota would be a predicament in and of itself, but you have to love Shiancoe's blunt assessment of the mess that Dan Snyder and Mike Shanahan have made in the nation's capital.  It almost makes the politician's mess seem manageable.