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Federal Judge Orders Lockout To Immediately End

So we have what I would consider good news:  federal judge Susan Richard Nelson has voted in favor of the players and ordered the owner imposed lockout to end immediately.  This means, presumably, that free agency and player movement, like trades, could start 20 minutes or so after immediately.

But at times like this, Chris likes to invoke the great Winston Wolf, which I think is appropriate here:

Let's not start chuckin' each other's sticks just yet.

The owners are expected to immediately appeal the ruling, and if they are successful, the lockout will continue.

[Edit:  The owners have already said they will appeal to the full 8th circuit court for appeal and a stay of the ruling.]

But if they are unsuccessful, and the lockout must end, we could conceivably have free agency and player trading beginning at the same time the draft is occurring.  I would think that the NFL would try and do something to stagger the two, but could you imagine the chaos that could ensue if we have free agency beginning the same day the draft starts?

That would be pure chaos.

I would love it.