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Roger Goodell Paints Grim Picture Of NFL In Op-Ed Piece

After Judge Susan Nelson made her ruling that lifted the lockout (for about fifteen minutes before the league filed their appeal), apparently Roger Goodell took a break for a few minutes to pen an op-ed column for the Wall Street Journal. He paints a relatively grim picture of what the NFL will look like if Judge Nelson does not stay the previous ruling while the NFL's appeal is being heard.

As a Vikings fan, in light of the whole StarCaps controversy that has taken place over the past couple of seasons, one paragraph of Goodell's letter strikes me as kind of humorous.

No league-wide testing program for drugs of abuse or performance enhancing substances. Each club could have its own program—or not.

See, it's funny, because it kind of strikes me that that's the way the league is right now.

After all, considering that eight players were previously allowed to play without the threat of fine or suspension after testing positive for having taken StarCaps and players like Pat Williams, Kevin Williams, and Will Smith are still fighting a legal battle for having tested positive for it, it certainly doesn't appear as though there's a league-wide testing program now.

Certainly not a league-wide standard, in any case.

Anyway, read the whole thing. . .I'm not sure how much of it is accurate, but it does paint a pretty grim picture.