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Minnesota Vikings Have Already Gotten Calls About Trading Down

There is a conference call currently going on with members of the media, Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier, and Vikings VP of Player Personnel Rick Spielman. For those of you that have been hoping that the Vikings will be trading down from the number 12 pick in the first round. . .a group that I readily include myself in. . .good news:

Spielman said 3 or 4 teams have called about trading up to get the Vikings 12th pick. Team has 6 or 7 options if keep No. 12.less than a minute ago via txt Favorite Retweet Reply

So, the Vikings have "six or seven" options if they stay at number 12, and they have teams that are ready and willing to trade up with the Vikings for that spot, allowing them to move down and get an extra selection or two.

Sounds like a pretty fair deal to me. Unless there's an absolutely, positively can't-miss player at number 12. . .and I think the odds of that happening are rather slim. . .I think the Vikings should auction the 12th pick off to the highest bidder and move down in the first round.