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We Have You Totally Covered For The Vikings Draft

So, there's this draft thingy that starts tomorrow, and a lot of you are probably going to be looking for places to share your joy/vent your frustration or whatever other emotions you feel when the Vikings are making their selections over the course of the past couple of days.

Well, boy howdy, you're in luck. . .because between here and SB Nation Minnesota, we are going to have you totally covered.

We are going to have at least one person (and as many as three people) at Winter Park. . .yes, at Vikings' headquarters. . .during Thursday night's proceedings. That in and of itself is pretty sweet, as we'll be getting news and comments and other fun things from Winter Park as they happen. Both here at the Daily Norseman and at SB Nation Minnesota, the updates will be getting posted fast and/or furiously.

Unfortunately, yours truly will be a bit late to the party. This is because, due to. . .well, whatever reason. . .our Operations Group has decided it would be a wonderful idea to have a Dining Out on the first night of the NFL Draft. Attendance for this event is "highly encouraged." As I'm sure the many other military folks that are members of this site can tell you, "highly encouraged" has a different meaning in the military world than it does in the civilian world. So, I will be attending that on Thursday evening, but I'll get some reaction out there as soon as possible.

But, fear not, because the whole team will be here on Friday and Saturday, giving you analysis and insights on all of the Vikings' picks as they come across. We will have an open thread over here for general draft discussion, and of course there will be room for comments on each individual pick as the Vikings make them, plus any comments you would like to make at SB Nation Minnesota.

So, in a little more than 24 hours, The Daily Norseman and SB Nation Minnesota will be your headquarters for all things relating to the Minnesota Vikings 2011 NFL Draft, and we certainly hope that you'll be here for it.