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Live From Winter Park. Yeah, You Read That Right

Well, The Daily Norseman has hit the big time (cue Peter Gabriel).  I am posting this from the Sid Hartman Media Center, across the street from the Vikings Team Headquarters at Winter Park.  I'll be here for the first round, and Eric will start a live open thread around 6:30, and I'll post any bits and pieces of info I can gather in there.  When Coach Frazier and Rick Spielman have their press conferences, we'll be all over that like Antoine Winfield on an opposing wide receiver, and I'll get you the highlights as soon as I can get to the computer.  Anything that happens with the Vikings tonight will probably get a separate post, and if that isn't enough, head to SB Nation Minnesota for other stuff.

And if any of you are heading out to the Draft Party, I'll be walking through there.  I'll be one of the only guys NOT wearing Vikings gear, and a press pass around my neck.  Swing by and say hello if you feel like it.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your evening.  And turn your head and cough.