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YOUR Daily Norseman 2011 NFL Draft Live Blog, Night One

In about fifteen minutes, all the mock drafts and all the speculation in the world will mean. . .well, less, because there will still be six rounds to go.

The 2011 NFL Draft is going to be kicking off from Radio City Music Hall in about fifteen minutes, and as you've already seen, we're going to have a ton of coverage of it for you here at The Daily Norseman. Eric has a running diary going on, and Ted has already made his presence known both here and over at SB Nation Minnesota from Winter Park.

You know, there was a lot of malaise leading up to the draft, probably because of the fact that there was a whole lot of nothing else to talk about. . .but now that it's here, I'm just as excited as I've ever been for a draft. Just depresses me that much more that I'm going to miss the first night, but I have enough great people at this site and at our Minnesota regional hub that I know everything is going to be covered in incredible fashion.

So, this is another thread here for you to discuss the draft in general. . .whenever the Vikings make picks, posts will go up to let everyone know and briefly discuss what we think of the picks and so forth.

Enjoy the draft, ladies and gentlemen. . .it's been a long drag to get to this point, but we finally made it, so let's have some fun!