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2011 Daily Norseman Community Mock Draft - New England Patriots

The first half of our 2011 Daily Norseman Community Mock Draft is in the books, as the Jacksonville Jaguars give their mock card to mock Roger Goodell, and he approaches the mock podium to announce the mock 16th pick.

With the sixteenth pick in the 2011 Daily Norseman Community Mock Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select. . .

J.J. Watt, defensive end, Wisconsin

Watt received a pretty good percentage of the votes cast, getting more votes than the next two players selected (Ryan Kerrigan and Ryan Mallett) combined. Pretty good pick for the Jaguars at that spot, in my opinion.

So now we move on to the seventeenth pick in the first round, and it belongs to a team that always seems to have multiple first-round picks despite being pretty good every season, the New England Patriots. This pick initially belonged to the Oakland Raiders, but was sent to the Patriots in the trade that sent defensive tackle Richard Seymour to Oakland.

So, what do the Patriots need? A few things, to be honest.

One of the big needs on the Patriots' list has to be outside linebacker. Their defense wasn't great last season, and a big part of that was the lack of pressure they were getting on the quarterback in their 3-4 scheme. They need somebody that's going to put some fear into opposing passers, and that person isn't currently on their roster.

They could use some wide receiving help, too. Say what you will about the Patriots trading away Randy Moss. . .and I'd like to, but most of it isn't printable on this site. . .but it left them without a serious, field-stretching deep threat, and that came back to bite them in their playoff loss to the Jets.

The Patriots could also stand to bolster their offensive line. Two of their main cogs up front in Logan Mankins and Matt Light could be gone when we finally get some sort of free agency period, and those guys would need to be replaced.

So, with their first of two opening round picks, which direction do you think the New England Patriots should go?

Picks So Far

  1. Carolina Panthers - Cam Newton, quarterback, Auburn
  2. Denver Broncos - Patrick Peterson, cornerback, LSU
  3. Buffalo Bills - Marcell Dareus, defensive tackle, Alabama
  4. Cincinnati Bengals - Blaine Gabbert, quarterback, Missouri
  5. Arizona Cardinals - Von Miller, linebacker, Texas A&M
  6. Cleveland Browns - A.J. Green, wide receiver, Georgia
  7. San Francisco 49ers - Prince Amukamara, cornerback, Nebraska
  8. Tennessee Titans - Nick Fairley, defensive tackle, Auburn
  9. Dallas Cowboys - Tyron Smith, offensive tackle, USC
  10. Washington Redskins - Julio Jones, wide receiver, Alabama
  11. Houston Texans - Da'Quan Bowers, defensive end, Clemson
  12. Minnesota Vikings - Jake Locker, quarterback, Washington
  13. Detroit Lions - Robert Quinn, defensive end, North Carolina
  14. St. Louis Rams - Cameron Jordan, defensive end, California
  15. Miami Dolphins - Mark Ingram, running back, Alabama
  16. Jacksonville Jaguars - J.J. Watt, defensive end, Wisconsin