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Minnesota Vikings Trade Out Of Second Fifth-Round Pick

The Vikings were scheduled to select 150th overall in the draft, a fifth-round selection, but they have made a trade with the Cleveland Browns. The Browns are now on the clock at #150 overall.

The Vikings receive two sixth-round selections from the Browns in exchange for this pick. . .which, if true, would give the Vikings four picks in the sixth round of this year's draft.

When we have the particulars of the trade, we will have them here for you.

EDIT: The Vikings received the 168th and 170th overall selections in the draft from the Browns. So, in the sixth round, the Vikings now have picks at #168, #170, #172, and #200.

This was the pick that the Vikings had received for sending quarterback Sage Rosenfels and wide receiver Darius Reynaud to the New York Giants during the 2010 pre-season.

So, the Vikings do, indeed, have fourth sixth-round selections, from the looks of things. Apparently they think that there are guys that are going to get to the sixth round that they see as values.