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2011 NFL Draft - Overflow Open Thread

We've gotten a whole lot of comments thus far from our first open thread for today's proceedings, and so we'll move the conversation for the remainder of the draft and the post-draft stuff over to here.

As it stands right now, the Vikings are getting ready to make the fourth of their four sixth-round selections at #200 overall, and they have two seventh-rounders in their pocket as well. Quite frankly, from the Vikings' standpoint, this draft should be called the McDonald's draft. . .because thus far, I'm lovin' it!

(No, no McDonald's product placement here.)

Remember, there isn't going to be an undrafted free agency rush like there is most years. . .thank you, NFL labor strife. . .so once the draft concludes in a few hours here, then that's pretty much it until the legal wrangling allows something to happen.

So, keep on conversing here, ladies and gentlemen, and keep hoping that the Vikings will continue to select well.