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Minnesota Vikings Select Ohio State Linebacker Ross Homan

I'm not sure, but Ted might have submitted this pick for the Vikings. Or not.

With the 200th selection in the 2011 National Football League Draft, the Minnesota Vikings selected Ohio State linebacker Ross Homan.

Homan is a smaller linebacker, standing 6' tall and weighing in at about 225 pounds. He was an all-Big Ten first team selection in 2010, and while he doesn't have a whole lot of great measurables or combine numbers or anything like that, Homan is one of those players that has a propensity for finding the football when he's out on the field and make plays.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure where Homan will fit in the Vikings' group of linebackers. . .he doesn't quite have the speed to play on the outside, and isn't quite big enough to play the middle. He might end up being a Heath Farwell-style special teamer, since he does tackle well and, as I said, tends to find the football when he's out on the field.

The Vikings still have two picks remaining, both in the seventh round.