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Leslie Frazier Won't Have To Use His Cell Minutes Due To Lockout

As we all know, thanks to newly appointed Head Coach Leslie Frazier's status as a ‘rookie', he was due an extra offseason workout with the team. And as we all also know... he won't be getting it.

Well, the good news is that since teams can't communicate with players, Leslie Frazier won't have to call everyone to tell them that that first workout, scheduled to begin this weekend, won't be happening. Of course, if we have any players on our roster who needed to be alerted to that fact... we should probably cut them for their sheer stupidity.

As Ted addressed in the most recent Mail Bag, thanks to an awesome question by some stud out of Florida, Frazier will likely simply lose this benefit. Of course, there's the approximately 2% chance that the lockout will end soon enough for him to simply reschedule that first workout, as well as the approximately .01% chance that the NFL will grant Frazier an extra workout next offseason to make up for it (which, being as he would no longer be a rookie [assuming a season of some sort is played], would be completely defeating the purpose of that extra workout anyways).

So... let's put another check on the list of ‘how the lockout sucks extra hard for the Minnesota Vikings'. Feel free to place that somewhere around the impact of the current stadium situation, the fact that we have to draft prior to Free Agency, that we can't continue negotiating with Sidney Rice and will have no clue as to his future with us in the meantime, that we won't be able to prep a stop-gap vet QB prior to the season starting should the lockout extend into the pre-season, that we won't be able to continue working with our new guys and developing players such as Joe Webb, that we won't be able to work out our draft picks or even negotiate contracts with them... OK, this is getting depressing, I'll stop here.

I hope Jared Allen is at least busy growing his mullet back.