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Why I'm Now Quite Happy That Trent Dilfer Dissed Christian Ponder

I managed to completely avoid ESPN television's coverage of the 2011 NFL Draft, but I did manage to catch this post from former Star-Tribune writer (and current ESPN NFC North blogger) Kevin Seifert about ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer's "analysis," such as it was, of Minnesota's selection of Christian Ponder at the #12 spot in the first round.

Dilfer said this when he went on Colin Cowherd's radio program the day after the Vikings selected Ponder:

"His drop, his arm speed, everything about him ... it's one tempo," Dilfer said. "He has to play at the 7-on-7 tempo. The drop has to be rhythmical. The receivers have to be open. The ball goes one speed. The pocket has to be nice. Any time he's asked to quicken that up or there's people around him, his accuracy is awful."

Which is kind of funny, considering some of the things that Dilfer said about some of the quarterbacks that went in last year's NFL draft.

"Bradford is a talented guy," Dilfer said. "I understand why the perception has become what it is -- because he looks good in shorts. But that is the way he has played football, too. He has played in a 7-on-7 environment, not an 11-on-11 environment."

That would be Sam Bradford. As in first overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft Sam Bradford. As in 2010 NFL Rookie of the Year Sam Bradford. As in one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL Sam Bradford.

According to that second article, Dilfer thought that Jimmy Claussen was "by far" the best college quarterback going into the 2010 NFL Draft. You know, the same Jimmy Claussen that was so awesome in 2010 and the Carolina Panthers see so much potential in that they've already drafted his replacement?

So, you know. . .if Trent Dilfer is this anti-Christian Ponder already, I think we can just go ahead and pencil him in as your 2011 NFL Rookie of the Year, yes?