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Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Multiple Reports Say Arden Hills Deal "Imminent"

There are numerous reports on what the kids today refer to as "The Twitter" that are saying that a deal between the Minnesota Vikings and Ramsey County to put a stadium on the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant site is "imminent" and that there will be a press conference later on today to announce such.

Unfortunately, the only access I have to "The Twitter" at the moment is on my phone, so I can't get you direct links to any of the tweets that are expressing this, but the first person I saw it from on there was Darren Wolfson, who you can find right here. There is still a bit of conjecture as to when this press conference is going to take place. . .some reports have it happening at 2 PM Minneapolis time, other reporting that it could happen as late as 5 PM.

We will attempt to break down more of what this means as we get more news on it, but it appears as though the Vikings have found their "local partner" for a new stadium, and it means that they must be getting a better deal with Ramsey County than they would have gotten with the city of Minneapolis, based on their proposal yesterday. (Of course, based on Minneapolis' proposal yesterday, that's not a terribly high bar to clear.)

Now, it appears that it might be just a matter of getting this thing to the Capitol and getting it done. As I said, we'll give you more as this develops.