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Watch The Minnesota Vikings/Ramsey County Press Conference Right Here

Video clips at Ustream

Much like we had yesterday, if you want to watch the press conference that will be conducted with Ramsey County and the Minnesota Vikings about their deal for a stadium in Arden Hills, you can watch it right here at The Daily Norseman.

It looks like we'll have a veritable cast of thousands on hand for this one, as Eric mentioned in his earlier FanShot. The Wilfs, Zygi and Mark, are going to be there. . .which, considering that they weren't at Minneapolis' press conference yesterday, is pretty huge. Also in attendance will be Ramsey County Commissioners Rafael Ortega and Tony Bennett, Vikings' coach Leslie Frazier, former defensive end Jim Marshall, and former coach Bud Grant.

We all know what the press conference is going to be about now. . .I'm just really looking forward to seeing what the team and everyone involved has to say on the matter. But, as I said, you can watch the whole video stream right here when the press conference kicks off at 3 PM Central time, which is about 45 minutes from now.

Isn't this great? Yes, this is great!