Guess which Viking didn't make the NFL's 'Top 100 Players of 2011' list?

Ray Edwards.

I can't freakin' believe it. Can you believe it? After all, even Danny Lloyd (ref: the weird kid in the movie 'The Shining') said he thinks that Ray Edwards is a better player than Jared Allen.

To be fair, Chad Greenway, Antoine Winfield, Sidney Rice and Kevin Williams all failed to make the list, too. Only Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen get the nod.

Then again, with 32 teams in the league, a Top 100 list would be filled with an average of just 3 players per team, with a couple left over. So for starters, you'd have to try to select the 3 best players on your own team's roster, then begin comparing them to those from other teams.

Keep in mind, this list is based on player input - not that of random fans. I give it high credibility points for that.

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