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We Interrupt This Blog For The Following Public Service Announcement

There ain't nothin' goin' on up in here.

Up in here.

Seriously, if you've been following the Vikings at this site, or following Minnesota sports in general over at SB Nation Minnesota, you're pretty well aware that it's a pretty bleak time in the ol' Minnesota sports scene right now.

-The Twins have the worst record in Major League Baseball at the moment, and if this continues too much longer, I'm going to need to invest in Rosetta Stone software to come up with new ways of saying, "Man, the Twins are awful."
-The Wild are looking for a new head coach after they completely fell apart at the end of the 2010-11 season.
-The Timberwolves have their annual trip to the draft lottery coming up on Tuesday. The team can't drop any further than the fourth overall pick. . .which, naturally, means they're going to end up with the fourth overall pick. Also, they should be looking for a new coach and a new general manager, but they inexplicably are not.
-The Gophers. . .well, Ted seems to be a big fan of new coach Jerry Kill, and Tubby Smith apparently had cancer, but reportedly doesn't any more. That's basically the most positive news to come out of Minnesota sports in the past few months, the collapse of Tubby's team at the end of the college basketball season not withstanding.

To say nothing of the fact that the greatest player in the history of the Minnesota Twins franchise (dating back to their days as the Washington Senators) has basically said his final goodbyes, and one of the Wild's most popular players of the past few years was found dead in his apartment in Minneapolis last night.

As far as the Vikings, as we're all aware, the NFL owners and the NFL players are teaming up to do their best to destroy the sport, and all we can do is wait for them to pull their collective heads out so that the Beloved Purple. . .cheered on by the one fan base in the entire league that actually deserves to see their team win a championship. . .can get back to the business of playing football.

We have the whole stadium thing, too. . .but the legislative session ends a week from Monday, and we don't know if the bill is going to get through the session this time, if we're going to have a special session, if we're going to get nothing and like it, or whatever else.

So, yes, it's kind of a bleak time to be a fan of Minnesota sports right now. . .the fact that all of you, and all of us, are still here speaks volumes. I guess that means we're pretty damn outstanding sports fans. . .as if there was ever any doubt.

But, with that, what do you folks want to talk about? Anything Vikings-related you want to throw out there, just toss it out. We may do some non-football "community building" types of things, too. We're always open to ideas, though, so feel free to brainstorm.

On the bright side, on a non-football related note, it looks like Sony may have finally gotten it together enough to get their network back up, which means I might finally get a chance to use my copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour '12 that I purchased a day before the network went to hell. If there are any PS3 types out there, you can find me at "DailyNorseman" (without the quotes, naturally).

Fire away, Viking fans!