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Chad Ochocinco (Technically) Rides Bull

Bengals' wide receiver Chad Johnson Ochocinco Johnson Ochocinco has never been scared to venture outside his comfort zone, that's for sure. Earlier this year, he tried out for Sporting Kansas City of Major League Soccer, but was unsuccessful in his bid to make the team. This weekend, he made the next logical jump.

Bull riding.

(Hey, if it makes sense to him, who am I to argue?)

Last night in Duluth, Georgia, Ochocinco attended an event of the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) Circuit, and got the opportunity to ride a legitimate, pissed off, 2,000-pound bull. The video is below. . .if you want to skip to just the actual bull riding portion, it starts at approximately 19 seconds. And it ends at approximately 20 seconds.

Ochocinco was timed as having "ridden" the bull for 1.5 seconds,which is 6.5 seconds short of what he would have needed to win a new truck, as well as given the right to name the bull after current Cincinnati Bengals' head coach Marvin Lewis.

So, what's your verdict on Chad Ochocinco?