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ESPN Is Ranking Football Helmets Now

By the title, I'm not referring to which helmets protect best against concussions or anything like that. . .I'm honest-to-God talking about which NFL team, allegedly, has the nicest looking helmets.

I'm not sure whether to be sad because the lockout and everything else has brought our football discussion to this point, or jealous because I didn't think of this first. Honestly, I'm really leaning towards the former.

For what it's worth. . .which, admittedly, isn't a whole heck of a lot. . .the Vikings' helmets ranked seventh out of the 32 NFL teams on this particular list. The Vikings' helmets were voted as high as fourth (by ESPN AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky), while three of the eight bloggers that participated in the vote for ESPN didn't put the Vikings in their top ten at all.

The runaway winner was the Pittsburgh Steelers, who garnered 50 total points (out of a maximum of 80). The Indianapolis Colts came in second, and the Oakland Raiders placed third. The NFC North was the most well-represented division in the top ten, with three of the division's four teams placing that high.

Overall, 26 of the NFL's 32 teams received at least one point, and six teams weren't named at all. The teams that were not named were the San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals, Tennessee Titans, and Houston Texans. Unto them, I say. . .

U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi, you UGLY! Oh, oh lawd you UGLY!

There you go. . .open football helmet discussion follows below.