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A Glimpse Into The Future Of The Minnesota Vikings

The NFL Players Rookie Premiere took place over this past weekend, with a bunch of this year's first-round draft choices and other highly thought of rookies got together this weekend in Los Angeles. Basically, the Rookie Premiere is a chance for the trading card companies. . .yes, they still make trading cards. . .to have a photo shoot with these particular players.

A couple of the rookies that were invited were Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder and tight end Kyle Rudolph. They even got the opportunity to play a little bit of pitch and catch, and Rudolph was kind enough to put a picture of it on his Twitter feed for everyone to see.


Upon seeing this picture,Trent Dilfer complained about Ponder's lack of accuracy hanging Rudolph out to dry on this catch, despite there literally not being a defender within 50 yards of Rudolph in this situation. Dilfer did this because he's not terribly bright.

This is the closest thing we've gotten to football in a long time, so it's nice to see. . .even if it is just a couple of guys playing catch.