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The Daily Norseman Asks, "Where You At, Dog?"

A couple of other SB Nation NFL sites have done something similar to this, and I thought it was kind of interesting, so I thought I'd do one for us as well.

Since Google is taking over the world and everything, I figured we'd use Google Maps to put this little project together. I've made a map entitled "Daily Norseman Map Of Viking Nation" that you can add your own little icon onto by using your Google account. (And, hey, if you don't have a Google account, why not get one?) If you have privacy concerns, you don't have to slap it right on top of your house or anything. . .you don't even have to put your real name on it. You can use your DN handle or anything else you'd like to use to label yourself.

In order to do this, just follow these steps.

-Click on the link above there to the Daily Norseman Map Of Viking Nation
-If you've signed in, you should see an "Edit" button on the left-hand side of the page, next to the map name
-You can then zoom to the part of the globe that you're located on. . .up near the top of the map, you should see a button labeled "Placemark." If you click this icon and then click your location on the map, you will place a marker at your location. A balloon will then pop up allowing you to put your handle, and change your icon if you wish (by clicking the little picture in the upper right of the balloon).
-Please don't delete anyone else's placemarks.

After the jump, you will see a fully updated version of our new map. Enjoy!

View Daily Norseman Map Of Viking Nation in a larger map