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Ahem, This Is Where We Scold All Of You, But Where We Tell You We Still Love You

Hi Guys and Gals,

Yesterday we promoted a post to the front page, because it was a good fanpost about a guy not a lot of us knew about.

Unfortunately, it was, in large part, the work of another reporter/writer over at another website, and a good part of that fanpost looked like a simple cut and paste without giving due credit to the person that originally wrote the article.

Folks, you can't do that. That's called plagiarism, and it's not cool.

If you find something at another site you think is worthy of a fanpost, that's fine. Just make sure you provide a link, or if you want to use a part of the article to either support or refute an argument, make sure you use the blockquote and credit the website.

We, we know...this is the best fan based Vikings community on the Internet, and you guys provide content in the fanposts that's as good as we see anywhere. And that work deserves recognition, which is why we'll pull stuff up to the front page. But when we do, we're just assuming that you guys don't copy and paste other people's work without crediting it.

Well, we all know what happens when we assume:

Unfortunately, we had to take the fanpost down from the front page and send a mea culpa to the writer who actually wrote the article. So please, just properly credit stories in the future, and we'll be good.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.