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Minnesota Vikings' Special Teams Coach A Certifiable Bad-Ass

Mike Priefer is the new Minnesota Vikings' special teams coach, brought in by Leslier Frazier and the Vikings after Brian Murphy was relieved of his duties shortly after the 2010 season concluded. While I'm sure that being an NFL special teams coach is stressful, it's nowhere near the most stressful job that Mr. Priefer has ever had.

You see, according to Jeremy Fowler of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Coach Priefer was a Navy helicopter pilot in the early 1990s. More specifically, he was a pilot for the Navy SEALs. You know, the same folks that recently busted the proverbial cap into the derriere of the world's most wanted terrorist.

About five miles off the coast of Mogadishu, Somalia, is where Priefer, a young and fearless pilot in the early 1990s, hovered gently about 40 feet over the ocean to drop off a dozen SEALs at a time.

His orders never changed: Return to the same spot in 48 hours to pick up the SEALs.

Now, in the article, Priefer himself says that he always flew to safe locations and not directly into dangerous cities. In any event, that's still pretty impressive.