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Adrian Peterson Is Really Cool

Just a quick little blurb here about a guy who happens to be a fan favorite: Adrian Peterson, also known by nicknames such as "Purple Jesus", "All Day", and "The Guy Who Keeps Half the Minnesota Viking Fan Base from Committing Hari-Kari", apparently really loves his fans. While recently in Las Vegas*, some fans spotted him and asked if he was Adrian Peterson. Wittily replying "All day!" (seriously, that guy has an underrated sense of humor), he then took about a dozen fans out for dinner, and picked up the entire tab.

AP has always been a team guy and a good guy. While I do understand the basic logic behind those who think he should be used in a "Reverse Herschel Walker" style trade, I think stories like this should be kept in mind when opening that discussion. The face of our offense went from Randy "Mr. Nice Guy" Moss... the guy who wouldn't feed that food to his dog, who uses his car to politely push female police officers out of the way, etc. etc., to Adrian Peterson, who instead chooses to not only be awesome ON the field, but off it as well. And I think that's something that should be kept in mind.

*Nice to hear about a football player NOT doing something stupid in Las Vegas. Seriously, it's not that hard. I've been there three times, not once did I do anything stupid(ish).