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ESPN Football Writers Vote Adrian Peterson NFL's Best Offensive Player*

* - Non-quarterback category

Yes, as a part of their series of "Top Ten" lists, ESPN's NFL bloggers went and did their top ten offensive players, taking into account running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, and offensive linemen. When all of the votes were tallied up, Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson wound up tied with Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson for the top spot in the entire poll, with both players ending up with 70 of a possible maximum of 80 points.

Four of the eight writers involved with the poll had Peterson in the number one spot on their ballots. Two others had him rated second, and one had him ranked third. Then there's the fairly curious case of Bill Williamson, who is ESPN's blogger for the AFC West (and used to be a Vikings beat writer for the St. Paul Pioneer Press). For some reason, Williamson decided to place Peterson seventh on his ballot, which is what ended up landing him in a tie with Johnson. Johnson got two of the four first-place votes that Peterson didn't get, and nobody had Johnson ranked lower than fourth on their ballot.

Then again, according to Williamson's ballot, not only are both Chris Johnson and Jamaal Charles better running backs than Adrian Peterson, but Indianapolis Colts' receiver Reggie Wayne is, allegedly, a better wide receiver than either Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans (who garnered the remaining two first place votes) or Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions. Williamson put Wayne fourth overall on his ballot while ranking Andre Johnson sixth and Calvin Johnson eighth. . .and it turns out he was the only person to put Wayne on his ballot at all.

So, yes. . .had common sense prevailed on Williamson's behalf, Adrian Peterson would have wound up topping this list. Not that a tie for the top spot is bad or anything, but come on. . .Reggie Wayne above Adrian Peterson? Really? Seriously? Somebody ask the folks over at Stampede Blue if they'd trade Reggie Wayne straight up for AP if they had the chance. . .I know damn well nobody on this end would make that trade.