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More Announcer Movement: Gus Johnson Out At CBS

During the 2010 NFL season, ESPN's Bill Simmons became a proponent of what he dubbed the "Law of Gus Johnson." In a nutshell, the Law of Gus Johnson states that whenever Gus Johnson is the lead announcer for an NFL game, weird stuff has a tendency to happen, causing Gus to completely freak out, which is awesome.

Here is the Law of Gus Johnson defined by Simmons:

If Gus Johnson is calling an NFL game, the odds quintuple that (A) the lead will change hands in the fourth quarter; (B) someone will complete a long pass in a big moment that will make Gus' voice hit an octave only dogs can hear; and (C) the game will go into overtime or at least come damned close.

After the jump, we'll have a couple of plays that prove this. . .one from 2009, and one from 2010.

Well, unless something drastic happens, we might not get any NFL calls like that during the 2011 season.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that Gus Johnson is out at CBS Sports after the two sides could not come to terms on a contract. Johnson was also a big part of their March Madness coverage, during which he was just as excitable as he was during the NFL games.

Now everyone knows that with Gus at CBS, there were only two chances a year for him to call Vikings' games, and I can't remember if he's ever done one. Not since this site has been around, at least. Hopefully, the folks at FOX will have the good sense to sign him up and get him into their group of NFL announcers ASAP.

Hopefully the folks at FOX will have the good sense to fire Joe Buck, too. . .not because of anything connected to this story, mind you. You know. . .just because. (Of course, I've been calling for that for five or six years and haven't been successful yet, damn it.)